Joseph Le


web design


Boxnest is a software consultant company invested in creating and fostering ideas for the purpose of pragmatic software development and design.


I developed and designed the brand identity for Boxnest in collaboration with my colleague. There was much deliberation in trying to figure out what we wanted to do with the company and we ultimately wanted to create a logo that told our story as a company. The logomark took on a very peculiar shape because it was difficult to define what a "Boxnest" actually was; we sought to create a mark that would represent who we are. The logotype uses a custom typeface that was designed with characteristics of a humanist san-serif: it was carefully crafted with subtle, rounded corners and bold letterforms to reflect our culture as a modern company.

Boxnest Project Image 1Boxnest Project Image 2Boxnest Project Image 3Boxnest Project Image 4Boxnest Project Image 5